“Retal Competition for Mosque Design” International Architectural Competition to design two local mosques in “Nesaj Town 2 – Dammam

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This futuristic mosque design was shortlisted for the Retal Mosque competition in Saudi Arabia. Based around a plot of 3530m², the mosque was designed to be a mirror that reflects the revelations and Prophet’s guidance in the form of design lines. Each line in the design represents a prophetic hadith, and as we follow these lines, we follow the hadith as guidance and thought, and inhabit its body, soul and spirit. The mosque is oriented such that its longest side is perpendicular to the Qibla, allowing the maximum row width, such that more people can be in front. This orientation also avoids having the praying rows be tilted relative to the mosque walls, making sure it is neat and orderly. Aside from greatly minimizing the amount of internal columns, the mosque also has specialized internal paths to facilitate movement inside the mosque. The Mosque makes the most out of natural lighting and air circulation to preserve energy demands, making it a very pleasant and sustainabl e project.