Through the dens trees of Algeria lies the project location, which is a triangular shaped, surrounded by neighbors from two long edges and overlooking to the street from two short edge. The site has 4 entrances, one for guests, second for employees, 3rd for their cars and the forth is a luxuries drop off area for the ambassador and VIP guests. The building rises up to 4 floors and divided into 5 main sectors: the guests, the employees, the ambassador, the services and the penthouse. Our goal is to provide the client with safe, secure and representative building which benefits from easy and effective process of work flow. Also to enhance the interior environment quality, we supplied the building with several court yards atriums and planted terraces at different levels. The main design feature was a giant metal parametric screen containing the masses of the building, the ambassador floor and prominent corners.


Category: Office Building


Date: June 2013

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