Egyptian University of Information Technology Design Competition

Project Description The Egyptian University for Information Technology Design Competition, a local architectural competition organized by the Egyptian Ministry of Communications with the aim of designing the buildings of the Information Technology University, which includes 7 colleges, in addition to the club and catering building. The proposed Egyptian University for Information Technology aims to provide distinguished education and research to create highly competitive cadres of specialists in various fields of information technology and its applications. The university also provides capacity building programs, provides technical advice and solutions, and establishes sustainable partnerships with all beneficiaries, contributing to the social and economic development of the state and benefiting from global experiences and strategies in developing appropriate methodologies to keep pace with the fourth industrial revolution and building the Egyptian knowledge and innovation community in order to achieve Egypt’s sustainable development strategy 2030. The Egyptian University for Information Technology is located in the city of knowledge in the new administrative capital. The area of ​​the university site is 39,629 square meters, while the location of the catering building is 18,477 square meters, in addition to the club and sports activities site, which has an area of ​​23,986 square meters.


Category: Educational

Region: Egypt

Date: 2019

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