Lafarge Headquarters - Summit 15

Category: Office Building

Region: Egypt

Date: October 2007

Project Description

  • Scope of work: Full Design, site supervision
  • Location: New Cairo, Egypt
  • Site Area: 3985m²
  • Number of stories: 2 Basement, Ground and 5 Stories
  • Total built area: 7,350m

  SUMMIT 15 is one of the office buildings owned by Namaa for Development and Real Estate Investment in New Cairo. The construction started in 2008 and ended in the first of June 2010. The building is currently hosting the headquarters of Lafarge Company for building materials in Cairo.


Establishing a high standard work environment that is able to attract overseas cooperates and to be considered a landmark in New Cairo



We have set a main theme for all office buildings owned by Namaa for Development and Real Estate Investment. This theme is mainly derived from the Wikala which is a building type in medieval Islamic countries. This building type was the place where major business activities took place which is quite similar to the use of modern office buildings. This theme includes some major characters:



The entrance has been always considered the focal point of the building with different heights and materials or colors



It is a symbol of connectivity that connects the different corners of the organization. Usually, it's for 2 stores with different materials.


Skin and Boundary

The existence of continuous walls offers a special identity for the building within the surrounding context.



The Building is located at the entrance of the 90 Axis that borders the main business district in New Cairo. Accordingly, the main idea beyond the selected orientation was to consider the building a gate to this district through the rotation of the main façade towards entrance of the district.