Alvar Aalto Museum

Category: public

Region: Others

Date: October 2015

Project Description


Designing a traditional building that adapts the architectural character of the two museums is not our goal.

There for, our goal is to preserve the existing image between them by keeping the existing nature as simple and obvious as possible.



Although the problem is in the various levels between the exists of the two building, it would be solved as a transparent connection allow seeing the nature through & inside the space, with a visual connection for both museums with the Ruuspuisto square.

The glass connection smoothly interact with the geometrical forms & masses for the two museums forming staggered sloped roof & Floor surfaces.


The inclined Floor divided into two spaces, the main space is the lower one used for shop area, the upper one used for work stations area connected with each other by stairs, steps & planters.

From Alvaro Aalto museum, a ramp is used as a declined link connected by a glass bridge over the existing natural landscape towards central Finland museum.

The inclination created back service tunnel leading to kitchen and services entrances.

From the front, an exit door leads to outdoor space with staggered water features, steps & forest form screen sticks that play a role of optical illusion

All in all creating a new experience for different users in the area was our optimum concern while preserving alvar a alto

identity and approach in designing details.