La Cite Complex Building

Category: Landscape

Region: Egypt

Date: June 1997

Project Description

  • Scope of work: Landscape – residential and administrative complex + elevation design for restaurants, site supervision
  • Location: 6th October City, Egypt
  • Site Area: 17,000m²
  • Number of stories: 9 Buildings, Front Area, Back Area Stories
  • Total built area: 3,000m² in a Commercial

Our mission is to deliver a high quality landscape image for project outdoor area and isolate them from the above administration offices above administrative and residential spaces.

  • First mission is the shed structure, which is made of steel and polycarbonate sheets composed in a form that mimics textile pattern with two different colors, suspended from steel columns.
  • Second mission, is the hardscape which is supplied by planters, signs, lighting, water features and sound system.
  • Using palm trees and different types of local granite with multiple textures integrated with floor lights and water channels has enhanced the richness of the floor.