Category: public

Region: Egypt

Date: March 2008

Project Description

  • Scope of work: Full design
  • Location: Aswan, Egypt
  • Site Area: 5,000m²
  • Number of stories: Ground Floor
  • Total built area: 2,200m2


Project Location:

The site in located in Aswan, Al Rokaekeen Village.


Project Goal:

Creating a center to collect all activities to serve the village society, such as Education, Religious, Health and other services.

Contents of the Project:

Mosque, School, Occasional Hall (Multipurpose hall) and Hospital with approximated area of 3900m2

  • Masjed                        1316m2
  • Hospital                       1218m2
  • School                           770m2
  • MPU El-Madyafa            602m2        


Environmental Issues affecting the Idea:

Hills: The project located above a hill in the middle of the village, which makes the Center is viewed from anywhere as a Land Mark.

Water: The project location gives the ability of having the River Nile view from the South Plants: The surrounding Agriculture area from both North and West directions, these provide the project with all natural items for its unique location.

Common Urban Fabric:

Design criteria is based on the complex pattern (compact urban fabric) which contains a lot of internal courts.


Environmental Concept:

The idea of using the internal courts, vaults and domes is to create an acceptable temperature and atmosphere in such hot weather area


Philosophy of Design

 The main concern was to get in relation between the social and surrounding environment with the unique project location and habits of pure Egyptian village in Aswan.

These habits and its simplicity does not impacted by outside civilization issues. The Nature and society in Al Belqaedya drives the Architect not to neglect the virgin nature at this area as, water, hills, plans besides the pure air. All these tools forced the Architect to have all these items and tools in his consideration to have the most workable and acceptable design for the users.


Design Idea

The idea starts from stair and ramp leading to the top the hill, then going through a main spine and branches to the courts each one of them considered the building cores.

All of these elements are born from the idea of the compact urban fabric.

Materials and Color the idea is to use the local materials and colors available at the village in order not only to facilitate the finance of the project, but also to keep the village theme and image.

Structural Concept

The Center is design of one Ground Floor with bearing wall system, Arches using the local stones and to help the resident labors to build this project and uses the covering methods as domes and vaults.