Al-Rajhi for Sales and Marketing Center

Category: Commercial

Region: K.S.A

Date: June 2004

Project Description

  • Scope of work: Full design
  • Location: Buraydah, KSA
  • Site Area: 6,250m²
  • Number of stories: Ground Floor
  • Total built area: 1,000 m²

Al-Rajhi marketing center was established as a tool to facilitate the presentation, administrative and financial work for their real state projects. The project was inspired by the generosity and hospitality of the Bedouin community, and related to the concept of tents and halls in the traditional architecture of Saudi Arabia. The tent based on a spiral wall in the center of the building represents the showroom, and hanged from a vertical metal structure that acts as a visual tower allowing a panoramic perception of the surrounding residential units. The tent also act environmentally to get rid of the hot air by suction effects from adjacent spaces.