Ajman Mall

Category: Commercial

Region: U.A.E

Date: May 2008

Project Description

  • Scope of work: Schematic design
  • Location: Ajman, UAE
  • Site Area: 150,000m²
  • Number of stories: Ground and First Floor     
  • Total built area: 40,000 m²


Since the project is located in uncrowded desert area, and it have to be a point of attraction for the passengers who pass its road, we toke the idea of the Mirage that attract the passengers in desert, using a set of metal ‘dunes’ that goes along with the real dunes in its form, and reflect on its outer crust the light giving that feeling of mirage.

Architectural Expression

Wind Catchers

Using wind catchers came for two reasons, first as an environmental treatment, second as a famous element that we always see in the emirates ancient architecture.


Tents are famous in desert, as an easy construction shells, the heights inside it helps air ventilation as well as a one of most famous elements in traditional architecture.

Outdoor Arcade

It helps as a part of our environmental optimization always used in the southern façade

Shell Cover

With different heights of arched frames we get the shell form we aim for which will give us too many varieties while generating our forms.

Design Development

Structure Analysis

To simplify the structure system which will affect the overall construction it has been divided into three elements

 Footing Part, consist of 4 to 6 precast concrete shapes, and it is the element that give the flexibility of getting different heights. (Figure 1)

Typical Metal Arches, all of them have the same section, connecting them together with longitudinal beams. (Figure 2)

 Final part, which consist of metal sheets with isolating treatment working as a final crust for the body of building. (Figure 3)