Private Villa

Tuesday | 12 August 2014

Private Villa In New Giza

With a new approach, We internally designed a Villa in New Giza Compound , A contemporary neo-classical style has been used to meet up with the client’s needs, wants and expectations. The design process started with landscape design for the entrance and then with internal spaces

At the edge of New Giza compound overlooking an impressive landscape view, lies the project which is a town house with over 220m² area and over 170m² landscape. The task was to provide the interior and landscape design to turn the house into a pleasing , comfortable and practical place to live.

We accomplished the mission by redistributing the spaces, adding maid's room , wide dressing room and demolishing the wall beside the staircases to allow natural light to penetrate through the building.

With referent to the client we applied whitish simple classic style over the spaces, with decent wall paper applied in the back ground of main pieces of furniture in combination with special lighting features and decorated reflected ceiling with indirect light.

Bathroom is divided into 3 zones: sink, shower and toilet separated by tempered glass. Bedroom floored by carpets while reception floored by wood and marble.

Turning to land scape, the design is mixture of wood, stone and greenery, surrounding swimming pool that is decorated with waterfall, stepping-stones and infinury edge dropping the water to a fountain area, overlooking palm trees, shrubs and flowers.